XVIII - The Moon

  • Dark ray
  • Ray of being
  • Imaginative
  • Anxious and confused
  • Caretaking

Properties of the Ray

  • Dark ray
  • Ray of being
  • Broken vs. Evolutive
  • Feminine, passive energy

Functions of the Ray

  • Creation of realities (both expansion and limitation)
  • Seeing the price for the darkness

Disclaimer: personality traits pertaining to the ray energy can be more or less visible in different people. Therefore, some of them can be more prevalent and visible and others more repressed and hidden. The internal part of it is most of the times unconscious and a person may not even be fully aware of having those traits.

Personality Traits

  • Fears / desires (constant state of anxiety)
  • Confusion with what is real and what is imagined
  • Projection is the main psychological defense
  • Warm, emotional, caring
  • Takes care of other people a lot
  • Smart, but only pays attention to things supporting his/her point of view ignoring evidence of another perspective
  • Persuasive because believes what sees or thinks

What can help to grow

  • Reality check
  • Noticing “holes in logic”
  • Exploring fears and their origins
  • Exploring how fears reflect desires
  • Exploring and understanding unconscious motivations (secondary gain)
  • Learning new ways to respond to situations and to get needs met
  • Distinguishing the states within: confusion vs. clarity, high arousal of the nervous system (anxiety, excitement) vs. calmness
  • Distinguishing thoughts (ideas, concepts) from the experience (actual things described by those ideas and concepts)
  • Connecting with the body, staying in the body, learning physiological ways to calm down the nervous system



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