XV - The Devil

  • Dark ray
  • Ray of doing
  • Intellectual
  • High vitality
  • High achiever

Properties of the Ray

  • Dark ray
  • Ray of doing
  • Broken vs. Evolutive
  • Active, masculine energy

Functions of the Ray

  • Separation of oneself from other people and the world
  • Seeing the price for the darkness

Disclaimer: personality traits pertaining to the ray energy can be more or less visible in different people. Therefore, some of them can be more prevalent and visible and others more repressed and hidden. The internal part of it is most of the times unconscious and a person may not even be fully aware of having those traits.

Personality Traits

  • Deep shame
  • Fear of intimacy
  • Deep mistrust (trust may not even be an expectation)
  • Superiority as the main defense 
  • Addictions (sex, money, status, mental health addictions)
  • Logical  and highly intellectual
  • Disconnected from his/her feelings
  • Cunning and manipulative 
  • Can deeply see people and their weaknesses (from the Hierophant)
  • Synicism
  • Result at any cost

What can help to grow

  • Learning to feel (any kind of somatic, body stuff) and getting out of his/her head
  • Seeing addictions for what they are (even if it’s not a DSM diagnosis)
  • Finding empathy to him/herself and other people
  • Seeing the cost for some results
  • Seeing the purpose of separating oneself from others (it often goes way too far) and the price for it
  • Learning to connect with other people and to trust them



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