Tatiana Morris

Tatiana Morris, MA, LPC (MN), LPC Intern (OR)

Picture I help sensitive and intuitive people who struggle to accept that sensitivity, consider it a weakness and repress their feelings, to integrate all parts of their selves to allow themselves feel the whole spectrum of their emotions thereby creating joyful and fulfilling lives.

Here is my Professional Disclosure Statement for residents of Oregon: Professional Disclosure Statement

I believe that all people need understanding and acceptance without judgement and criticism. Our difficulties in life often stem from lack of love and acceptance of who we truly are. Our feelings are the signal system that informs us if anything goes wrong. Very often body speaks about psychological problems, and physical illness affects the mood and emotions. I like to look at the processes people go through in a symbolic, metaphorical way allowing to see seemingly insignificant things from a different perspective.

I believe that everything happens in people's lives for a reason, and life events can affect us on different levels starting from physical, continuing by emotional and finishing by spiritual. Therefore, I like to combine Eastern philosophy and Western science that look very differently at human experiences and approach suffering in distinct ways.

I am very interested in connecting with various human experiences, and this is why I like to travel and explore different cultures and different ways of living. I am convinced that it helps me keep an open mind and soul and allows me to understand a wide variety of human experiences, even those that I did not have myself. 

I have always enjoyed learning languages, and I even ended up getting a degree in linguistics. I find this knowledge very valuable for my current work because I discovered that the language we use affects our worldview and our psychological well-being because the way we think and perceive the world affects the way we behave and actions we take.
Learning new things has always been my favorite hobby, and I like to look at life as a long-term school where people go through life lessons to open themselves and realize their potential fully. 

Living fully does not mean constant happiness and absence of suffering, though. Feeling full spectrum of human emotions includes feeling sadness, fear, shame, guilt and helplessness. Nevertheless, we do not have to be paralyzed by those feelings because we have the capacity to live with those feelings.

Everything I share with other people is what I learned for my own growth, and tried out. Looking for answers to my own questions, I learned both scientific facts and views of mystical traditions on human experiences. 
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My supervisors for Oregon LPC licensure registered internship are Gina Lisiecki, LPC and Lisa Aasheim, LPC

My Education

My own authentic path has been very winding and variable. Shortly it can be presented in the following way:

  • 2006 - MA in Linguistics 
  • 2011 - Handwriting Analysis
  • 2013 - Tarot school including classes in Tarot readings, Mystic traditions, Astrology
  • 2014 - Cosmoenergy Healing (Cosmoenergetics)
  • 2014 - Jungian Studies
  • 2016 - Clinical Hypnosis
  • 2017 - MA in Counseling and Psychological Services
  • 2017 - Evolution of Consciousness
  • 2018 - Midwifing Death



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