Individual Counseling

Individual psychotherapy is for adult (18+) individuals who feel confused, stuck and/or helpless, who want to change their lives, but do not know how, to get in touch with their inner Self, become agents of that change and create the lives they want.

I offer individual counseling to intuitive and sensitive adults (18+) who chose to repress and put aside their sensitivity to be accepted by other people and achieve social success by ignoring and rejecting a big part of themselves and who want to connect again with who they truly are.

I understand that the choices that you had to make in the past were necessary for your survival! I really do! 

I also know that such repression of your feelings and emotions makes life bland and tasteless, that no achievements and successes that you got make you happy or joyful. I am sure that there are people around you who are jealous of what you have and cannot understand why you are not happy. Because the price for that success was too high! And you probably start realizing it now, how expensive this success was. 

No judgement here! You did what you had to!

I know that to really thrive now, you need this repressed sensitive part, your intuition, your 6th sense back! I can help you with that! I know exactly what to do to become whole again! I cannot promise that this path will be quick and easy, but I am sure that you can do it! We can do it together!

I can help you bring colors of joy back to your life! You will be able to enjoy your successes, make your own decisions without feeling guilt and shame; you will not let other people manipulate you into doing what they want. Yes! It is possible! You can be in charge of your life and create it the way exactly YOU want it!

Individual counseling is available online through secure video call system to Minnesota residents and Oregon residents and people outside of US speaking English, Spanish, Russian or French.

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Concerns and Purposes

Some of the concerns that can be barriers to having the life you want that I work with:

  • Unhealthy coping mechanisms: addictions, avoidance, excessive compliance with others 
  • Feeling depressed, unhappy, unsatisfied with your life
  • Feeling helpless, out of control
  • Feeling unsatisfied with your relationships with significant others
  • Feeling scared and anxious 

In order to achieve the following purposes:

  • To learn and successfully use healthy coping mechanisms: resolving conflict,
    dealing with difficulties, being present to your own suffering
  • To improve quality of life, to learn enjoying your life
  • To learn how to take ownership of your life, be in control,
    get out of the victim-perpetrator cycle
  • To get awareness of your unconscious relational patterns and stop repeating them
  • To increase your awareness of your fears and other feelings and learn to manage them

thereby creating the life YOU want.



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