Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling is for people who want to make changes in themselves and in their relationship with their partner and create the relationship they want

 When you met, your partner was the most interesting and attractive person in the world. 

Then time passed, and all the fun and excitement of being together slowly disappeared… You wonder how the exciting and interesting partner you fell in love with turned into this person who seems to be by your side only to annoy and disappoint you

And you guess that your partner probably feels the same about you? 

And you both do not know what to do to stop fighting and hurting each other? 

I can help you with that! 

 I can help you rediscover that excitement and fun that you had in the beginning, find respect and appreciation for your differences and gratefulness for your similarities, reconnect with each other on a different level again.

 Is it possible? Yes, of course! 

Does it take time and effort of both? Yes again! 

 Even if you strongly believe that the difficulties you are facing now are your partner’s fault, I will have to disappoint you. Both people usually participate in degradation of their relationship. This is why even if your partner is “a guilty partly”, I will still ask you to look at what your role in what is happening now is. 

 If after reading that you still feel that I can help you, you are welcome to contact me through the form below, to schedule a free 15-minute consultation (with or without your partner) or make an appointment (I expect you both to be there to do relationship counseling), feel free to do it! All the links are below!

Couples counseling is available online through secure video call system to Minnesota residents and Oregon residents and people outside of US speaking English, Spanish, Russian or French.

If you want to schedule a free 15-minute consultation to see if couples counseling online will work for you and your partner, you can do it here:

If you are ready to make an appointment, you can do it here:

Concerns and Purposes

I particularly enjoy working with multicultural couples where the cultural differences play a big role in the relationship!

I also like to work with couples from LGBT community!

These are some of the concerns I work with

  • Communication problems when it is hard to be open and honest with your partner
  • Conflicts about insignificant things when the underlying issues go
    unnoticed or unsaid and therefore unresolved
  • Lack of intimacy when you don't feel connected with your partner
  • Infidelity
  • Dissolving a relationship

To achieve the following purposes:

  •  To improve communication within the couple
  • To learn how to have a conflict in a healthy way
    and resolve it for mutual benefit of both partners
  • To increase intimacy and closeness
  • To learn reasons of infidelity and work towards forgiveness
  • To understand when a relationship is over and learn from the experience gained in it

thereby creating the relationship YOU want.



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