Cosmoenergy Healing(Cosmoenergetics)

Picture Cosmoenergy is a type of energy work discovered in former USSR and currently used in Russian-speaking countries. This energy work can be used for clearing and healing* as well as for development of intuition and attunement with oneself.

Cosmoenergy is completely religion-free. People with or without any religious beliefs can use it.

Cosmoenergy is a method of energy work that can heal by clearing and restoring energy. Any physical or emotional pain, any difficulties in life are caused either by blockages (barriers) in the way of natural energy flow or by insufficiency of energy. Cosmoenergy both clears (removes the blockages) and fills gaps with healing energy that comes from a pure source. Every person receives exactly the amount of energy needed.

Cosmoenergy can be used for clearing and healing anything: physical and mental health issues, barriers or blockages in your life path and more. It can also be used to add energy lacking for achieving your goals or intentions.

This energy source not only helps cure physical illnesses, but also helps to improve your mental and spiritual well-being and create the life you want

*It is very important to remember that energy healing modalities are complimentary healing, so for treatment of diseases and conditions you should see a medical doctor.

How Is It Useful

My Path in Cosmoenergy

In 2013, I was initiated into my first cosmoenergy channel. 
I continued practicing and going deeper into this energy work until I achieved Master level initiation in 2014. 
I kept practicing cosmoenergy and learning about the world until I achieved Magister level in 2015. 
Since then, I have been practicing cosmoenergy healing work on different levels and with different purposes.

You can read a little more about cosmoenergy and its structure below.

Appointments. What to Expect

Appointments are 30 minutes.
Fee is 50 $.
Credit cards are accepted.

Appointments are available online to anyone who speaks English, Russian, Spanish or French.

During a session, the client and the healer are standing with their eyes closed while the cosmoenergy healer channels the energy of one or several cosmoenergy channels. 

Different experiences such as physical sensations, emotions, images can come up during the process. The client and the healer can discuss what is happening for each of them and adjust the process accordingly. The client is not just a recipient of treatment,  the client is an active participant of a collaborative process with the healer. 

At the end, the client and the healer discuss the work done and plan what to do next.

To make an appointment, please contact me or use the client portal below.

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You do not need to provide any information beside your name to make an appointment.

About Cosmoenergy

Picture Cosmoenergy consists of over 69 channels representing various types  of energy that can be used for different purposes. Those channels have different frequencies of vibration, and their properties depend on those  frequencies.

A beginner cosmoenergy practitioner needs to be connected with this frequency by someone who is already connected (a teacher), and this process is called initiation. If a non-initiated person tries to use energy of the channels, all sorts of side-effects are possible. Initiation process changes the structure of the energy body of the cosmoenergy practitioner and such practitioner can use the energy of the channel for him/herself and other people.

There are 4 main types of cosmoenergy channels called units: Buddhist unit, Magic unit, Magister unit and Zoroastrian unit. Initiation into channels of different unites happens consecutively as a cosmoenergy practitioner keeps training and going deeper into connecting with cosmoenergy channels (frequencies).

A beginner cosmoenergy practitioner starts learning and connecting with cosmoenergy with Buddhist unit channels. Buddhist unit channels represent the most dense energies of cosmoenergy, therefore they work well on physical level. Buddhist unit consists of 19 channels that can be used for such purposes as protection, cleaning and healing physical space and physical bodies of people.  Some of the issues Buddhist units channels help with:  physical pain, spasms, colds, allergies, burns, blood problems, eye problems, stomach issues, etc.

The next energy density level is Magic unit channels. It includes 22 channels that can also be used for protection, cleaning and healing. It contains the only channel for healing plants and animals. Magic unit contains channels working with feelings and emotions and mental health issues. Magic unit also contains channels helping with development of sensitivity and intuition.

A cosmoenergy practitioner initiated into all channels of Buddhist and Magic units gets a level of Cosmoenergy Master.

The highest level of development of a cosmoenergy practitioner is Cosmoenergy Magister. As Magister unit of channels represent the finest level of cosmoenergy frequencies, a practitioner needs not only experience working with cosmoenergy channels, but sufficient overall psychological and spiritual development to adequately use those energies. 

A Cosmoenergy Magister who taught and initiated other practitioners into channels of Magister and Zoroastrian units is called Cosmoenergy Progressor.



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