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My Philosophy

Towards living authentically

Living authentically means listening to your feelings, being in tune with your Self and fully accept who you truly are and thereby create the life you want. Your authentic path that you create to have a fulfilling and joyful life.

There are various ways to live a life. One is to blindly follow social rules or advice from relatives and friends. The other is to create your own individual, authentic life path. 

Implicitly and explicitly society dictates how to live, what is good or bad, who is a good or bad person. However, being authentic includes questioning those standards and finding your own answers. Socially acceptable ways may or may not work for you.

Your authentic path is unique. It may or may not resemble another person's path, but it suits you, and allows you to realize your full potential, be who you truly are.

Authentic path is not a straight never changing line. By making various decisions you are changing it and making it go forward in a way that allows you to self-actualize and enjoy your life.

Psychotherapy is a way to find answers about who you really are within your Self. Nobody knows what is right for you beside yourself, but sometimes those answers are hidden behind learned ways of thinking and seeing the world.

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There are other less traditional ways to find answers to your questions and change your live in ways you want it to. I offer holistic wellness services such as tarot readings, hypnotherapy, cosmoenergy healing and handwriting analysis to help you connect with your inner Self and create the life you want.

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My Mission


  • you feel confused with your life,
  • you are not sure what you want, and things you wanted before do not make you happy anymore,
  • you feel stuck in conventional ways of thinking and behaving,
  • you want to change your life and do not know how, 
  • you feel helpless and afraid to make any changes

I can help you

  • understand what you really want,
  • remove barriers that stop you from living in your own individual, authentic way and

thereby create the life you want.

In other words, my mission is to help you to find your authentic path and follow it. 

My Clients

My clients are people striving to increase their awareness of their thoughts, feelings and motivations,
who want to be in charge in their own lives.



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