12 rays

What are the Rays?

General information about rays can be summarized in the following way:

    • Rays are types of energy like rays of light represented by Major Arcana of tarot
    • Everyone has access to all ray energies, but each person has 2 main ones that work together
    • Rays do not change during life with the exception of dark rays that may turn into light rays
    • Discovered by Isset Kotelnikova, Russian tarot reader, around 20 years ago
    • No written information in English is available
    • The presented information is based on materials learned in tarot school and personal observations

How to Learn Your Ray?

There is a specific tarot reading to learn the ray. As in my deck there are 23 Major Arcana, and there are only 12 rays, the rays may not show up right away. In this case we will need to do the same reading again.

However,  when the rays do come out, you need to remember your rays because it can only be learned once. The same reading done more than one time after the ray was learned will not be talking about the ray anymore.

How the Information about Rays can be Useful?

This information can be used for

    • Distinguishing learned behaviors and reactions from the true Self (soul)
    • Seeing ways of development within the ray both internally (spiritually and psychologically) and externally (professional realization)
    • Discovering what your true authenticity is about
    • Distinguishing dark from the light
    • Seeing the price for being in the dark

Rays and Psycho-Spiritual Development

    • Psychological development happens within one’s ray
    • People with the same ray can seem to be very different because of difference in their level of psycho-spiritual development
    • Dark rays are limited by a certain level of development until the unveiling process happens and the ray changes

Rays and Psychotherapy

The information about rays is extremely helpful in psychotherapy because these types of energy indicate possible strengths and weaknesses that people may have based on their two rays (dominant energies). 

Classifications of the Rays

Rays can be classified in the following ways:

  • Light rays vs. dark rays
  • Rays of being vs. rays of doing

Light Rays vs. Dark Rays

Light Rays are
The Magician, The High Priestess, the Empress, the Hierophant, Strength, The Star, the Sun, the World, the Fool, the White Card
Dark Rays are
The Devil and The Moon

Rays of Being vs. Rays of Doing

Rays of being are rays
where a certain internal state is essential for connecting with the energy and expressing it into the world

These are
the Magician, the High Priestess, the Empress, the Star, the Moon, the Sun, the World, the White Card
Rays of doing are rays
where certain actions and activities are more important for connecting with the energy and expressing it into the world than internal states

These are
the Hierophant, Strength, the Devil, the Fool

How to Learn Your Rays

People who want to learn their rays are welcome to do it  online by Skype at [email protected]

The Tarot reading to learn one’s rays takes less than 5 minutes and it is FREE!



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