I enjoy helping intuitive and sensitive people to recognize the importance of their intuitive feelings and accept that sensitive part of themselves to create a fulfilled and joyful life!

I know that your sensitivity makes your life difficult, and you prefer to repress your feelings. You may feel confused by those feelings and things they “tell” you and scared that you are not “normal”. 

You do not understand why things that other people believe should make you happy do not. 

I know people did not accept you in the past and, probably, there are some who do not accept you now. I understand how painful that is! 

You are not “crazy” and nothing is wrong with you: you are just different. Moreover, it is great to be different because your purpose in life may be different from that of people surrounding you now. 

I understand how lonely you feel and how strongly you want to find others who are similar to you. Believe me, they are out there! 

There are people who can see value in what you have in you, and I am one of them. I am capable of seeing the beauty in what you reject and hide right now!

I can help you see value and importance in exactly who you are! 

Right now, you may see your sensitivity as a weakness, and we can change it. 

Imagine a tool you do not know how to use or a musical instrument you do not know how to play, yet. They do not function or sound very well, right? 

You may see your feelings as a burden, but I can teach you to see them the way I do: as important gifts that you were given to increase the amount of joy, love and acceptance on Earth. 

Your feelings represent a signal system telling you YOUR truth, which is a very important part of your capacity to choose your path and make choices that are right for YOU.

I can teach you to create the life YOU want without limitations of other people’s opinions and social standards.

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Tatiana Morris

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